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Eisenwunderwelt is an interdisciplinary exhibition co-curated by Jenny Hillenbrand and Kristen Tordella-Williams featuring the collaborative efforts of over 65 international artists. The exhibition will be at the Moving Poets Novilla and will feature indoor and outdoor installations using iron and the cabinet of curiosity as a central theme. Eisenwunderwelt sets the stage for artists to create interdisciplinary artworks together, bridging cultures and geo-political boundaries through shared creativity and passion.

Kristen-Tordella Williams and Jenny Hillenbrand will invite international artists to install the Eisenwunderwelt and trade on the Harder Barter Market


Neues Berliner Eisen

Anna Franziska Schwarzbach, „Freifrau von Löwendal“, cast iron sculpture by Franziska Schwarzbach, Foundry Altglienicke, Foundry Director Anke Schierlitz

Exhibition for the 9th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron ART:
Neues Berliner Eisen /Nouveau Fer de Berlin 
curated by Anna Franziska Schwarzbach:showing works by Julia Schleicher, Kerstin Grimm, Lutz Dölle, Frank Seidel, Anna Franziska Schwarzbach
"Coming to cast iron art...it feels like leaving a turbulent carnival into the chill of Winter‘s morning
Martin Sperlich about the collection of cast iron art at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London."

Art Foundry Altglienicke is mainly realising sculptures of all possible sizes in bronze or aluminum, but is also experienced in working with all other metals or synthetic materials. We scale models and conduct projects from the first idea to the installation of the finished objects. Our space is open for artists to create their models and be part of the actual production process. In our gallery we present a broad spectrumof contemporary art. 

„Kommt man zum Eisenkunstguß so ist es… „als träte man von einem turbulenten Faschingsfest in die Kühle eines Wintermorgens…“

Open Monday – Friday 10 am- 4 pm Uhr and by appointment
Tel. +49 304455181, Email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!, www.kunstgiesserei-altglienicke.de

Fer de Berlin: Historical and contemporary iron art Calculations Unites of measurement 

Marsha Pels,Trophies of Abuse [Chatelaine of Eviction], 2013-2015, Courtesy: Gallery Lubov NYC/USA

Ancient and contemporary cast iron – more info and exhibition details soon

Calculations Unites of measurement 

The Western Cast Iron Art Alliance (wciaa.org) seeks visual responses incorporating Fe that depict the ways we quantify and calculate to comprehend our place in the world. Mixed media works that explore mathematics, furnace dimensions, postal fees, shipping weight, ancestry, metric, imperial, hand-span, clothing sizes, climate change, statistics, currency, interstellar/ microscopic distances…. and related matters. It seems our entire society is based on units of measurement, from the founding of science to the organization of time.



Photo-exhibition – mémoire involuntaire
"mémoire invonluntaire" (Marcel Proust) 

The opening will be on Friday, September 2nd at 7pm.

Jim Wulpi | Susanne Roewer | Scott Kamlah | Wayne Potratz | Georg Krause |Scott Kamlah | George Beasley | Coral Lambert/Gerhard Haug

The selected image will not just reproduce the photographed object. It will have a reality of its own.

A photo-exhibition curated by Georg Krause and Gerhard Haug at Galerie Schöne Weide


https://www.galerie-schöne-weide.de   |   Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

The Speculative Object: Site in an Asynchronic Age

Photo: Hanna Makkonen

A collaborative multi-institutional exhibition of computer generated sculptural forms traverse multiple platforms and sites, from traditional to virtual.

The Speculative Object explores emergent sculptural possibilities through an array of technologies. It answers the growing imperative to develop capabilities to disseminate singular artworks art across a variety of venues, from traditional galley spaces to virtual worlds to portable devices. The 23 artworks in this exhibition begin as digital files, move into the historically collectible and archival medium of cast metal, then move back out of their material iterations into further new modalities utilizing 2/3D embedding into navigable Google Earth sites around the globe. The result is multiple, scalable, accessible manifestations of each of the artworks that allow the viewer to experience the speculative object in real-world, but also virtual world coordinates.

Mary Neubauer und Hanna Makkonen

https://art.asu.edu/content/mary-neubauer    |   https://hannamakkonen.com 


Match Plate to Melt – Out A Pattern Exibition 

Photos: Page Burch

Patterns are an integral part of the casting process. They are the personal histories of the castings we make and tell a story about how the object came to fruition. Made from a variety of materials, these often-overlooked items can be artworks by themselves. Match plates, wooden patterns, core boxes, found objects, and rubber molds produce the castings that we look at, but these things often have an inherent beauty and uniqueness all their own. From Match Plate to Melt-Out seeks to showcase the skills, tools, materials, and ideas that make up the patterns that make our molds. 





Photos: Stacey Holloway

Performance became accepted as a form of artistic expression in the 1970s and became “art that cannot be bought and sold.” Performance then became the most tangible art form of the period. It has been considered a way of bringing to life the many formal and conceptual ideas on which the making of art is based. In today’s contemporary art world, there have been many artists that often use fabricated objects to show a process or an action.

There have been a number of iron artists that have transformed the actual casting process into performance, those that use the physical properties of the material as a tool, and some that even use the objects they cast in conjunction with their own body. This exhibition will explore how artists interact with or through cast iron objects by presenting the evidence rather than the performance.

Stacey Holloway




Photos: Cynthia Handel | Coral Penelope Lambert

A Portfolio of 50 Drawings by 50 Women Sculptors during Covid alongside a selection of their small works in cast iron. The small cast iron works will be auctioned off to create a cash award that will be given to an emerging female identify iron sculptor at the conference.

Curated by Coral Lambert and Cynthia Handel

https://i5olationportfolio.org/   |   https://www.zwitschermaschine-berlin.de/


Once Upon an Instant

Poppy Woodeson, All This; So Much More, Cast iron and egg, 2017

Once Upon an Instant will bring together a diverse selection of iron works or works involving iron that in some way relate to “Once Upon an Instant“. The pieces will connect to a specific instant of time or they are about the actual existence of time or any other interpretation of the title.

Poppy Woodeson is an artist and curator who travels when the state of the world allows it and maintains studios in Brighton, England and Roswell, New Mexico, USA. She has exhibited widely and has curated a number of critically acclaimed exhibitions including Solid Gone for the Sordoni Art Gallery in 2018 and Morphisisation for APT gallery, London in 2014. He is known for his love of strong and challenging art / artists. 

This show is curated by Poppy Woodeson.

Call for artists

Kleine Eisen

Call for Sculpture: Kleine Eisen Ausstellung / Small Iron Exhibition
CALENDAR: Entry Deadline: July 1, 2022, by midnight 
Exhibition Dates: September 16 - 20, 2022

The International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art would like to invite artists to submit images for the 2022 International Kleine Eisen Ausstellung, Small Iron Exhibition. Artists participating in the conference may submit one sculpture for the exhibition. Your conference registration covers your cost for the exhibition. 

Was ist Kleine Eisen? The nature of this exhibition is small scale, so if your work can fit within a shoebox, this show is for you! Works should be approximately 800 cubic inches or 13109.7 cubic centimeters. 

Hand deliver your work, when you arrive in Berlin, Germany:

Artworks should be delivered by hand to: Gastro-Norm, An Art and Zero-Waste Café Wilhelminenhofstraße 53, 12459 Berlin, Germany


Exhibition Location:
In the spirit of a Pop-Up Show, The exhibition will be shown at Gastro-Norm, An Art and Zero-Waste Café
The exhibition will be hosted by ICCCIA-Berlin.


• Only 3D free-standing works that include cast-iron metal will be considered. 
• Only works created within the last three years. 
• Works should be approximately 800 cubic inches or 13109.7 cubic centimeters.
• No video submissions.



Your entry submission will have several steps in order to submit. Prepare for your application by having the information listed below:

#1: Provide a photo(s) of the work you wish to submit.

• Each applicant may upload two JPG images per entry (maximum 1 entry) 
• Image files must be formatted to 72dpi, and 2200 pixels on the longest side.
• Name image file with your Last Name, First Name, and Title of the piece.
• Example: “Doe_Jane_KleineFe.jpg”

#2: Provide the following descriptive information about the entry. 

• Artist last name:
• Title of work:
• Year created:
• Medium:
• Your nationality, country of origin.
• Dimensions: Height, Width, and Depth (HWD): 

 • Example: “Hephaestus, KleineFe, 2021, Iron and stone, 12 x 8.25 x 7 inches, Greece 

Fill out the electronic form below.

Here is a link to the Form for the Small Iron Works Exhibition.


Contact: David Marquez with questions or concerns about this form @ Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Contact  ICCCIA-Berlin for exhibition drop-off logistics @ Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!


More info about the organization and the 2022 ICCCIA event available at 

• https://www.icccia.org/ 

• https://www.iron-2022-germany.de/index.php



The mission of the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art is to “create an international platform for the exploration and practice of contemporary cast iron sculpture and to inspire global participation in the aesthetic, conceptual, cultural, historical, and technical dialogue on contemporary cast iron art.” The possibilities for cultural exchange inherent in the conference’s siting within different international communities are extensive, productive, and relevant. The ICCCIA is an opportunity for international iron sculptors to work side by side, exchange aesthetic and technical ideas, share conceptual questions, and engage in a dialogue about contemporary cast iron art.

Header Images: Selected works from the 2021-22 International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art Virtual Exhibition. Ian Skinner: Pinion, 2020. Michał Staszczak: A cabinet of curiosities, 2021. Hanna Makkonen: Untitled, 2021. and David Marquez: Modular 003, 2021

"Hard Headed Area“ – a political "Fer de Berlin"

Ausstellungs-Eröffnung: Samstag, 3.September 2022, 19:00 h

More informations:
Link: "Hard Headed Area“ – a political "Fer de Berlin"

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