Performance – ICCCIA Performance Night at Industriemuseum Brandenburg
Friday, September 16 2022

Download invitation card: Performance: 2022.09.16

5:00 pm (17:00)    Doors open at Brandenburg Industrial Museum

6:00 pm (18:00)    Beginning of the Performance night (Lisa Evans, Andreas Glaser, Kurt Dyrhaug, Susanne Roewer)

Furnace Crews Eisenkerl No. 1:
Hans Molzberger, Kurt Dyrhaug, Martina Barz, Evelyn Neumann, Jürgen Neumann, Erin Cunningham, Michał Staszczak

Furnace Crews Lady C:
Andreas Glaser & Team 


Du Bist Eine Kartoffel (Jenny K. Hager, D. Lance Vickery, Cynthia Handel and UNF Crew)

Garden of Fiery Delights (Coral P. Lambert)

An Tilleadh Dhachaigh, which means the homecoming (Eden Jolly and George Beasley)

Fire Iron and the spoken word (Kenneth P. Payne)


Program Director:
Lisa Evans –


Du Bist Eine Kartoffel
Jenny K. Hager, D. Lance Vickery, Cynthia Handel and UNF Crew at furnace „LadyC“

An absurdist performance inspired by the magical, starchy tuber. Once upon a time, potatoes were guarded by the soldiers of King Frederick II of Prussia. The so called "apple of the earth" was prized for its economic and nutritious properties. It was also the first vegetable to be grown in space. In England, a stolen potato protected against disease. The rich history of the spud throughout many cultures will be celebrated and revered through a performance based in iron and ritual.

Sexy Potato by Parker Bush  |    We Have Eyes” by Hanna Hadzic   |  Space Potato by Jenny K. Hager

UNF     |    |    |     Jenny K. Hager    |   |    D. Lance Vickery     |     |     Havic Studios |     |   Cynthia Handel     |      Cynthia Handel      |        unfsculpt         jennae76          dlancev     



Garden of Fiery Delights
Coral Penelope Lambert at furnace „Lady C“ 

In an exploration of the complexities of our chaotic and increasingly precarious present, the space of the garden is a metaphor for the state of the world. The title of this performance is an adaption of the famous triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' (c. 1490-1510). The original painting depicts a scene of the underworld, it is a vision of sin and morality: and the devil is in the details. Coral Penelope Lambert will be working on site prior to the conference to create a collection of temporary open face molds from items inspired and collected from the site. On the night of the performance the molds containing imagery and shapes like snakes, and poisonous flowers will glow and become immortalized in metal. These open face molds will be poured using many small ladles at a continual pace. The iron at 2650f cooks up a strange feast, some items cooked will be edible others will be more about combustion and sublimation, some will entail the ritual burning of items as offerings such as poems on paper or obscure combinations like milk on iron. The iron pourers and cooks will wear costumes like that of underworld characters with horns and other worldly embellishments on their helmets.
The resulting casting will create a collection of cast iron objects that can be exhibited as artifacts of a garden either on site or in a gallery setting. They would be arranged as flowers in flower beds with the cosmic snake as a center piece.

Coral Penelope Lambert Portrait StarFactoy   |   Cosmic Snake   

Iron Snake   |   Diamonds are Forever

Casting Diamonds    |       Coral Penelope Lambert     |           

An Tilleadh Dhachaigh, which means the homecoming 
Eden Jolly and George Beasley at furnace „Eisenkarl“

Celtic invaders introduced iron making to Britain about 800 BC. Some of the earliest traces in Scotland are from a group of Celtic invaders from Central Europe who reached the Firth of Tay and the Moray Firth around 250 BC, and then Inverness, Argyll and Galloway during what is known as the Halstat period. Over time, thanks to geography and natural resources Scotland became one of the biggest manufacturers of iron and steel in the World. Scotland provided iron and steel from foundries such as Letterewe, Fasagh, Poolewe, Glenkinglass, Muirkirk, Bonawe, Goatfield, Dudden, Hallside, Excelsior, Summerlea, Gartdee, Bremner Bairds, Gartsherrie Monklands, and eventually the great Carron and Clyde Ironworks. All this of course came complete with the associated social and environmental impact, from deforestation for charcoal production to the huge impact of the mining and burning of vast quantities of coal, even recorded by the by the poets Robert Burns in the 1700’s and Alexander Rodger in the 1800’s among others. We are now moving away from carbon producing industry toward cleaner less impactful technologies so with this in mind we would like to return the old technology, with thanks back to its source of Central Europe, represented in this instance by Berlin. We will record the black history of iron in a narrative to be cast into an iron X. This casting will be left for future generations to ponder the recklessness of iron’s past We will bring iron, smelted from local ore and charcoal here in Aberdeenshire and place it into a furnace. We will then tap the metal out into a bull ladel which will then be pulled from the furnace to the site of the mould by the penitent crew who will be carrying flags of the long-gone foundries. The procession will be led by pipers for the homecoming and followed by all in the iron community who wish to pay their respects. Once the mould has been poured the flags will be thrown onto hot metal to be consumed by fire. 

George Beasley Iron X for Berlin 2022   |  |   George Beasley  |   Eden Jolly  |

Fire Iron and the spoken word,
Kenneth Patrick Payne

It will consist of the pouring of three Ice molds with accompanying pyrotechnics. It will have a 12-foot arc made from straw that will be set on fire with rockets as I stand under it and surrounding by other fire elements. There will be three furnace taps. Between taps will be passages of spoken word. 

Mardigras dogs 
HA HAaaaa I’m running with the mardigras dogs. The lean, mean , gaudy, obscene, hard barking mardigra dogs.
Running back lots, dark lots, vacant lots, I’mrunning with the mardigras dogs.
The wild wild, wild wild, wild willed Mardigra dogs, with their silhouette souls and razor wire grins, the hard barking mardigras dogs.
Beating on trash cans, howling at the street lights, tearing at our cloths, at our souls. 
Looking up, Scooping up, hooking up with the strawberry china dolls, painted dolls, not sainted dolls

Fire and ice and molten iron   |    Kenneth Patrick Payne    |   |



The Mad Melters Tea Party
Moltan at the Welsh Furnace

The industrial revolution changed the entire world, even down to things like our eating schedules. Evening meals became later due to the longer working hours, thus giving rise to the afternoon tea party. At around the same time, Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in wonderland, with its infamous mad hatters tea party. Using these as inspiration, this performance will create an absurd visual spectacle using the material differences between metals. By creating familiar forms in aluminium that will become warped the weight and temperature of molten iron, we hope to create an experience that will leave the spectator confused and amazed.

More is coming soon!